Supreme Court Hostile Takeover - 03.10.21

Amanda's words from the Lord:

And Says the Spirit of the Lord this day, this shall be a memorable Passover for I the Lord God shall put an exclamation point on such and foundations shall be shifted and shaken as even the Supreme Court shall feel what I the Lord God have set out to do, for a power struggle has ensued behind the scenes of the courts a hostile takeover says the Lord as they have sold their powers off to the highest bidder for men are filled with lawlessness and do not fear the law because they have taken control of the law and make and manipulate their own, do what thou wilt is not the whole of MY LAW says the Lord of Hosts and My righteous laws are touching down and being carried out in many areas of life, not only personally but up to the highest seats in the land says the Lord of Hosts.

Prophecy in the News: