O' Canada - 10.31.2020 / 07.07.2021

Amanda's words from the Lord:

10.31.2020 - There shall be a major change in Canada, the people are restless and I the Lord have seen the souls for sale and I the Lord am intervening. You shall see oppression, mandates lift as one more furious attempt to keep the people muzzled will fail and be struck down, and there shall be freedom as even viruses will change course, says the Lord God Adonai this day.

07.07.2021 - I am filling, says the Lord thy God this day, the people of Canada with resolveΒ - I have not forgotten you O' Canada, says the Lord -Β I have seen what your leadership has done in secretΒ - I have seen the detestable things they do for Baal and for Ra and for otherΒ pagan fallen principalities - I have seen it, says the Lord...and says the Lord thy God this day - sometime next year you shall see great change in your nation, says the Lord - you shall see great revival in your nation -Β you shall see a great change, says the Lord and a topple of the leadership, says the Lord...for the clock is ticking down says the Lord. I am a long-suffering God and I am a God of mercy, but their time of repentance is drawing to a close...and says the spirit of the Lord this day, their power shall be stripped from them - their office shall be stripped from them - their decorations shall be stripped from them - their delicacies and their dainties shall be stripped from them, says the Lord,Β for I am going into the inward parts of Canada, says the Lord and there is going to be a cleansing of the land - parts of the land that were dedicated to fallen hosts generations ago - there is a cleansing happening says the Lord thy God

Prophecy in the News: