Disney - 03.27.2018 / 10.20.2021 / 03.27.2021

 Amanda's words from the Lord:

03.27.2018 - Let’s talk about Disney for a moment, Walt Disney. People think, oh, Disney’s innocent, wrong! Disney is not innocent and I’m going to tell you why. The enemy uses things about Disney and what they make to ever so innocently get junk into a child’s spirit early on in life. Now Disney is getting more and more perverted now, they are getting more and more twisted and occultic in their movies, and they gently begin to induct children into the way of the occult. You don’t believe me? Mickey Mouse was dressed like a warlock in Fantasia, with a magic wand and it’s not innocent. It’s like, oh it’s a sweet mouse in a little costume, that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to think so you’re not on to the mysticism and warlock the occultic practices behind that. Not only Mickey Mouse, the heroes and heroines Disney has been using, it’s been getting worse because they take part in magic and mystical powers to save the day.

10.20.2021 - And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, it shall not be a jubilee for Disney, for I shall pull out of the depths of their darkness that which shall be written in bold and shall fracture their company and holdings as fifty shall not be a good year for them says the Lord of Hosts.

I am a God who despises wickedness, be thou Holy for I am Holy says the Lord. You are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus if you would just believe My children and utilize the authority the enemy has so tried to make you hesitate in.

03.27.2021 - Right now My people must not fall into complacency and accept what they see, for it is a trick of the eye an optical illusion says the Lord of Hosts and optics are changing says the Lord, and what the eye thought was truth will SWITCH and become a lie a fabrication filtered through the MEDIA of imagination and IMAGINEERS alike as Disney shall suffer an even heavier blow for their part and shall be struck for their dark arts and many shall tumble down as they as well shall lose their crowns and their wands alike for I the Lord see through their veil of innocence to the clamps they put on the mind the mass messages they feed a large number of people that have even infiltrated parts of the church and the steeple to help a wicked undercurrent of rule train up a child in the way THEY SAY they should go and I the Lord God am stopping that Flow and reversing the current of darkness that has gotten deeper with time and I shall pull from the deep the massiveness of their crimes and that truly at the core there was never a love for children but a hatred to harm and some will even be sent to the funny farm, except not funny at all quite a sad state of affairs says the Lord of Hosts.

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