Fox in the Henhouse - 10.31.2020

Amanda's words from the Lord:

Prophecy: There is a fox in the henhouse -  there is a fox in the henhouse and this fox is marked and shall be exposed for what they are, preying on what is innocent attempting to steal and fatten themselves off of what was not theirs to take.

Prophecy in the News:


These are the 3 main things they are planning and doing right now:

1. Belt Road Initiative- China moving all the way through Asia - into Africa and Europe for resources - Food, Water, Energy, etc.

2. Control of Straits of Malacca - own channels down into the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea up into the Red Sea - around to the West Coast of Africa - Implementing Naval Bases all over. General Flynn states what is going on with China getting ready to take over many areas

3. Control of Straits of Taiwan - China wants to own them - China has put Navy bases in the South China Sea and is looking to gain Power in the Indo-Pacific Base - and much more....

Details explained in this Video with General Flynn - link below...