Government Experiments - 04.09.2021

Amanda's word from the Lord:

Governmental experiments, shocking, shall be exposed before the people of many nations, shock, outrage shall ensue, whistleblowers in these areas, the heaviness of the burden of knowing has become too much to bear says the Lord.

Prophecy in the News:

With the encouragement of the Biden administration, the International Society for Stem Cell Research has announced a new protocol that impacts the way they experiment on human embryos. Previously they operated under a “14-day rule” which stipulated that they could conduct unethical experiments on human embryos, just as long as they killed them once he or she turned 14 days old. Decided to jettison the two-week policy and replace it with no limit. The result is horrific “baby in a bottle” experiments on tiny babies with fully functioning hearts, developing brains, eyes, and ears. As if to calm the troubled heart of research participants, these tiny human beings have been downgraded semantically to “ethically sensitive research material” in an effort to dehumanize their victims.


Animal-hybrid experiments tied to Fauci