Hawaii - 8.2.2020

Amanda's words from the Lord:

Now let me tell you the dream I had:

It looked like a place in Hawaii, there was a hill a high place. I was down below watching. Up on the hill was a black temple ruin. In front of that temple ruin were 3 individuals. The one to the left and in the middle were dressed identical! Both had grey t shirts on, both had their t shirts tied up identical exposing their abdomens. They both had Hawaiian floral skirts on they were dressed IDENTICAL, doing the same Hawaiian Hula type dance! All the way to the right a dark figure doing it with them influencing them. They were doing this in front of the temple ruin at the high place!

Then next thing I know I am on the phone with a voice that was the voice of truth because the person who was this voice of truth, or the Holy Spirit, exposes myths, lies, and false doctrine. He was talking about one of the people at that high place saying they were not listening, that He was trying to get them to listen (meaning they think what they are doing is of God and there was a high place mixed in) a tie to paganism, pagan worship or pagan practice but they could not see it. They were actually deceived into thinking what they were doing was Godly when it was very clear it had nothing to do with the Lord

So that hula dance is tied to a false goddess laka and it is said the dancer becomes once with this false god that there are flowers involved and on these skirts on the dream were flowers

So from here I wake up and begin to realize a few things, remember I was allowed to watch this take place from a distance because the Lord was protecting me


Prophecy in the News:


Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam locked down.