Iran - 08.31.2021

Amanda's words from the Lord:

 I the Lord thy God shall gut open their plan and reveal the inward most parts, as two terrorist groups have met in secret and are looking to make a super force of terror of power, however, I the Lord thy God, am always faithful. I keep my covenants and my promises and I shall once again rise up against this foe, as a major leader within the Ayatollah’s Court shall suddenly fall, as a sign I have gone out ahead of my people to deal with a very power-hungry corrupted foe, as the Prince of Persia will Not withstand who I send this time to strike them, says the Lord of hosts this day - a stirring near the Red Sea, watch says the Lord watch, the stirring the movement and the squabbling, as even the infighting within Israeli leadership, so as even the infighting within Israeli leadership shall spill out, as the deeply corrupt within Israel are attempting to turn the people to Baal, as there are those within Israeli leadership who Do Not Serve Me, but have gone after Baal and Ra for their power, as they have been corrupted.

Prophecy in the News: