Jordan - 5.17.2020

Amanda's words in the Lord:

Okay now we fast forward to where Jesus, Yeshua, steps into the Jordan River which by far was one of the most powerful steps in history. Now Joshua in that same place 1,500 years prior the waters were rolled back on account of him back to the city of Adam, and cut off the dead sea.

Jesus now steps into the Jordan River prepared to now become the high priest that is going to ROLL THE SIN ALL THE WAY BACK to Adam at the place where the 12 stones were placed by Joshua with the ark of the covenant as he crossed the Jordan River Jesus steps into the river to take the high priest position that is rightfully His, to roll the sins all the way back to Adam, and where the ark of the covenant crossed the Jordan, Jesus, Yeshua, is now set to make a NEW covenant and Fulfill the law! The Baptism of Jesus occurs around 30 A.D.

Prophecy in the News: