Medina (name of horse, where Bill Gates lives, and a place in Saudi Arabia) 5.10.2021

Amanda's words from the Lord:

5.10.21  I did a broadcast talking about the horse Medina Spirit and how what happened with this horse is prophetic for the country, well in the Preakness at the last moment Rombauer past him in an unexpected move and the horse LOST. I talked about medina being a city of 1.1 million people in Saudi Arabia, how Medina is Arabic in nature, the word, 


5.11.21 breaking news, the skies of Medina Saudi Arabia are FILLED with thousands upon thousands of locusts.


Now the plot thickens, I was led to look up who owns Medina Spirit: Medina Spirit is owned by Amr Zedan.


Zedan is a Saudi businessman who is chairman of the Zedan Group, a Saudi engineering consultancy firm headquartered in Khobar.

He is most known for being a thoroughbred horse breeder, having established Zedan Racing Stables in 2016. (the year Trump wins the election this flag is planted)

Zedan, who was born in California, is also the Chairman of the Saudi Polo federation.

Zedan is married to Princess Noor bint Asem of Jordan.

The family of four currently reside in the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh. 

So the Saudis were involved in trying to cheat in an AMERICAN horse race the first triple crown after the 2020 election

May 11.2021 the same day the locust outbreak becomes breaking news in Saudi Arabia this headline appears….


Medina Spirit trainer Bob Baffert admits to using ointment with steroid after Kentucky Derby horse tests positive.


So first, I don’t know how this happened and it's not true and THEN, once the INVESTIGATION and digging starts the trainer came forward with the truth after an investigation began and digging occurred the truth came forth...hmmm what other investigation for potential illegal activity do we know of going on right now in the country….


Prophecy in the News...







Egyptian -  Nayel Nassar - and …
Married to Bill Gates’ daughter and races on a horse named Lucifer! 


Article from Slate mentions a Joe Medina, who is a Trump supporter helping audit votes from Arizona. While this is likely not the full fulfillment of the prophecy, it is funny how the name "Medina" begins popping up all over the place.