Monuments - 01.14.2021

Amanda's word from the Lord:

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day these events will wake the country up from a long slumber, a stupor, chains that had been unknowingly placed upon them by the filth in the capital. The hostilities shall grow against those in Washington DC. as the people completely reject their officials and their false way of government, for they have been operating in a government in the shadows that runs opposite what the laws of the land state. The persecuting spirit has gone forth to attempt to persecute truth and its soldiers. As their colosseums, and monuments, and contracts that they so built are falling apart at the seams, are crumbling, in a complete panic, they have gone forth against those who are standing for truth, law, and order. The persecutions shall turn on them since they so chose to serve their father the devil!

Prophecy in the News:

Mt. Rushmore is closed for 4th of July.