Motherboard - 04.02.2021

Amanda's words from the Lord:

Alert as they see this unholy blasphemous creature that has emerged from Persia and the Muslims and the Hindus shall squabble for their demons are very territorial and so infighting, squabbles, and calculated attacks on relations so shall occur as even Israel gets into their motherboard and tightly guarded labs and so explosions shall you see as the mouth is shut off the dragon speaking blasphemies against My children, for the agreement with My enemies and the enemies of My firstborn so I the Lord shall shake those nations and leadership so shall be struck and fall a domino effect that reaches across both countries, ring around the Rosie a pocket full of posey ashes, ashes they ALL fall down, and plagues and boils it shall be as rats consume them for plotting to harm the covenant nations I the Lord have so protected...


4.11.21 - Prophecy in the News,


Israel appears to confirm it carried out cyberattack on Iran nuclear facility