Bad News Media - 3.3.2021

Amanda's word from the Lord:

The news is becoming THE WORD for many feeding themselves a counterfeit bible and text. It's burning holes in their spirits where it looks like swiss cheese and the enemy now comes in and fills those holes with fear, confusion, rage, resentment, and the list goes on. For the country to heal the WORD must be applied, the word is THE GOOD NEWS, and believers must be retrained to go to THE GOOD NEWS FIRST BEFORE they go and tune into THE BAD NEWS. THE BAD NEWS is meant to corrupt, as a virus gets into the motherboard of the operations of a computer and it begins to run slower, freeze, the computer glitches, it malfunctions, it forgets and erases your work, cookies, and other things get bound to the operations and begins to track so they can bombard you with ads and news and ideas and begin to steer your mind down an alternative path, the BAD NEWS. The media is injecting a spiritual virus and trackers into the souls and spirits of millions and you see them do the same, they glitch, they write rants and rambles that are a thorny bush of confusion, their mind changes, how they think the good information cannot even get in and absorb because the “virus” keeps erasing the GOOD NEWS, and the good information because the bad information and the BAD NEWS has infected the deepest parts of the soul and spirit, the “motherboard” and the flesh is now running rampant because of the Virus.

Prophecy in the News:


On Tuesday, Project Veritas shared one video of CBS 62 Insider April Moss, explain the network’s corruption.
“I’m watching my country disintegrate, and if I don’t stand up and do something when I’m able to, I just don’t know that I could live with myself… No longer is true journalism being executed anymore… It is one of the greatest crimes really in history right now. Because if we are shaping the American public’s mind, then we need to be seeking truth,” April Stated.