Only God Can Create Life - 05.17.2022

Amanda's words from the Lord:

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day...5.17.22

A Lazarus moment, a defining moment, is coming to your nation oh America. For the wicked have attempted to put you in a grave and proudly mark it as a trophy of their power. However, I the Lord thy God am saying this day I am decreeing from My throne that the stone must be rolled away, yes there is a stench of corruption of death of unbelief, however, roll away the stone. If you will only believe right now My children, you shall see the glory of God and the incredible happen in your nation. Do not be like those in the days of Noah that refused to hearken unto the voice of the Lord, do not think you are safe, you corrupt being upon the earth, those who have turned away from the Lord God Elohim. For judgment and deliverance were in the days of Noah as man had corrupted what I had created and infected the earth with it. And you shall see judgment and deliverance occur in tandem yet again, says the Lord of Hosts This day. I am calling America forth out of the dark place it has been, in a tomb in a place of death and darkness, restrained in the grave clothes the wicked attempted to control what I the Lord thy God raised up. They did the same in the days of Noah and they are doing the same now, says the Lord. HOWEVER, I the Lord thy God have a covenant with America and hearken unto the voice of the Lord in this hour, return unto me the Lord your God before it's too late, for I the Lord am opening up the windows of heaven and the places of the deep, and it shall storm upon the wicked and their cities in valleys and corporations and leadership that they have built, it shall storm and it shall rain and it shall flood them and destroy what they have built. Very unexpected ways you shall see destroy the most wicked of people and what their hands have built, you shall see a legal flood the likes of which has not been seen in your nation, you shall see the valleys where chips and tech is built be flooded with viruses and attacks and failures, the likes of which they have never seen. You shall see what you call social media take unprecedented hits at the market in the square at the CORE of their programming, says the Lord of Hosts this day. You shall see open fighting amongst donkeys amongst elephants but open fighting where they expose the deepest things about each other no one ever saw coming says the Lord of Hosts. You shall see the unprecedented and unexpected happen in political races in your nation, you shall see those who walk with me win when it was broadcast, they would not says the Lord of Hosts. I the Lord am assembling the team, the spiritual team for the next leaders, says the Lord, I have called them by name to wake up and sound the alarm to the nation. I have called them in this hour to stand there on mount Carmel and say loudly, how long will you falter between two opinions? If God then God if Baal then Baal, however those who have chosen Baal shall see the power of heaven before them and they shall find themselves consumed by fire, the people shall turn on them in droves and destroy those who are the prophets of Baal who have been the mouthpieces for the enemy and the serpent to go forth and deceive the people to take what is NOT of me. Adam and Eve were MY children, yet they hearkened unto the serpent, says the Lord and many of MY children have done so in this time. REPENT turn completely back to me the Lord your God and serve Me the rest of your days and I shall deliver you from the pestilence that has been brought upon you, the snare that was injected into you, the manipulation of the molecules and DNA I created says the Lord. As it was in the days of Noah says the Lord except the enemy has reversed the dialogue and raised up “Noahs” to speak in favor of with convincing lulling words that touching the DNA God created and doing an “edit” is the future. MY WORK SAYS THE LORD THEY DARE TO EDIT MY WORK MY CREATION. THEY ARE AS DUST IN MY SIGHT AND SOON ONE MAJOR INFLUENCE IN THAT WORLD SHALL BE NO MORE FOR TRAGEDY SHALL STRIKE SINCE THEY CHOSE TO SOW DEATH AND DECEPTION INTO OTHERS THEIR WORDS SHALL NOW BEFALL THEM AND IT shall shake that order says the Lord, not 1 death but 2 says the Lord. Repent now repent!

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