Paper Dolls - 05.11.2020

Amanda's words from the Lord:

Those who want to cook in the spirit shall fall by their own cauldron, says the Lord God Jehovah! Look for this to happen, you will hear of this says the Lord. For those who have challenged Me and defiantly corrupted man as vessels for the enemy shall fall so fast, shall appear as paper dolls, no power - no substance, for My Holy Power, when My Fire truly manifests, truly enters the center the core of a circumstance of ones life, it drives out everything that has given that person power in the dark - they are weak, they are powerless, and they fall - for MY power far exceeds anything the enemy could ever attain - demons tremble at the name of my Son Jesus, they truly fear Him because of the power of what happened on Calvary, where the devil thought he was getting Jesus out of the way - when in fact His blood purchased and stepped in the way blocking the devil from total domination and destruction of humanity.

Prophecy in the News: