Secrets in the Labs - 05.17.2021 / 05.24.2021

Amanda's words from the Lord:

05.17.2021 - And I the Lord judge the nations and that I shall just do to their leadership and their currencies and their underground labs that look for a way to harm My people, says the Lord of Hosts.

05.24.2021 - I the Lord God am going to take their cornerstone, I am going to knock it out of joint, says the Lord of Hosts. For the Cornerstone of the plans of the wicked is compromised down to those who constructed such a wicked foundation for a plan that has manipulated, constricted, and IMPLANTED Fear into the nations, says the Lord of Hosts. The IMPLANTS, the molecular code, and construct - the molecular chain shall be dissected more and more, and the secrets of not only the wicked and corrupt, but drug companies, health organizations, billionaire backers and secret scientists that are within labs within a lab, a heavily guarded area that is removed, separated from the rest of the lab, there shall be more than one exposed, says the Lord of Hosts this day

 Prophecy in the News: