Shots Without Permission - 10.15.2021

Amanda's Dream...

"they tried to sneak and give me an inoculation when I wasn't looking and just as this nurse ran up to try to do this, I turned and the needle was like this close to my skin and I yelled - so she jumped away because they were caught. They were caught trying to sneak this into my body and I sat there in that wheelchair and yelled at them all as they remained silent - these nurses and doctors - I yelled at them and this is basically what I said - I said that I hadn't had an inoculation and I was way healthier than all of them. I was yelling, I haven't had this and I'm way healthier than all of you, even though at the moment I was sitting in the wheelchair, in the hospital gown, representing people that were in the hospital right now - I was telling them, as they remained silent, I haven't had this - meaning I haven't gotten the inoculation and I'm way healthier than any of you - even though these people in outer appearance may have looked healthy, they weren't. There was something happening - now the most important part of this is that they tried to sneak it into my arm and give it to me when I wasn't looking - now I would start praying and look for people that may be incapacitated, that may be too sick to fight this being snuck into them when they're asleep in the hospital - when they're not looking - when in nursing homes - I would watch for cases like this to start coming out in the open or even a case like this to be widely reported, because they tried to run up, when they were trying to distract me with something else or I was looking down at the tubing or whatever was happening and quickly put it in my arm and forcefully, basically do it without my consent - this is what you need to look for right now and be so careful of, because they may be trying to do this now without people's consent" ......

Prophecy in the News: