Tentacles - 01.04.2021

Amanda's words from the Lord:

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day…The faces of those in Hollywood shall turn pale as they watch their empire, their roles, their squeaky clean image crash down and laid bare before the people as there are those in Hollywood who will be discovered as Chinese operatives says the Lord, the operatives from other countries embedded, rooted and acclimated to life in America in order to put tentacles down for their wicked home empires I the Lord am ripping those tentacles off, cutting them off and exposing who the true operatives are as more shall come forth out of the belly of the beast in Washington DC that were operatives for the great Red Dragon who is now set to fall, set to topple. The leaning tower of Pisa shall lean too far and fall. The one who holds the Eiffel tower chaos shall break out across that country says the Lord

Prophecy in the News...5.18.2021