VA - Veterans Affairs - 07.04.2021

Amanda's words from the Lord:

Watch the VA...

I would watch the VA right now, because they are doing some very dark sadistic things to these veterans, experimenting on veterans purposefully injecting them at the VA to drive up suicide rate, depression and rage and then he said false flags coming in and
they're putting things into them that they don't even realize are being put into them.

Prophecy in the News:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is now the first federal agency to require its 115,000 health care workers to get COVID-19 vaccines. The VA is now requiring its health care employees to get fully vaccinated against the virus within eight weeks or face termination. The mandate applies to Title 38 employees, which includes doctors, dentists, nurses, and some other health care workers. This comes as a new report finds a startling high suicide rate among war veterans who served after 9/11