Vatican - 11.16.2018

Amanda's word from the Lord:

The Vatican priests are playing with fire, glazing over Gods word for good reason. What people do not know, they are programmed easier in the direction the heads of the Vatican want them to go. Consulting of spirits are happening in underground chambers, asking these spirits these demon princes for influence over whole countries as long as they do the bidding and plant the seed of one world religion

So when I had awoken I realized there were more satanic things going on underground within the Vatican than maybe was realized at that point. Underneath the Vatican rumblings of hell, witchcraft, sorcery, why do you think child abuse with priests has increased says the Lord, that is of the occult in an attempt to split the soul to program those children to be pawns for the spiritually dead. Specific ceremonies of the Illuminati and the occult beneath the Vatican.

Prophecy in the News: